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Instructions: All SU allocation requests require completing the web form. A Research allocation also requires that a proposal in PDF format be attached using the file upload control found at the bottom of the form.

Usage Policy and Allocation Policy should be reviewed for details on the two allocation request types:

  1. Startup: 150,000 SUs or less: Complete the web form, providing a description of how the CPU time will be used. This should touch on the computational methods and programs that will be used, as well as the research goals. This allocation type is suitable for small projects, and to develop performance characterizations to use in justifying a Research allocation request.
  2. Research: over 150,000, but not more than 3,000,000 SUs: A formal proposal is required, not to exceed 5 pages in length, plus references. This proposal includes the methodology, a history of the project, description of past HPC resource experiences, and performance information, such as benchmarks, from local or other machines used. The performance information, gathered as part of a Startup allocation project or on other machines, forms the basis for judging the merits of the time requested. Guidence and consulting is available from Sys-Help.

The first step in applying for an allocation is to register a login for this site. This will supply us with your contact information and will be associated with this, and all future applications for time on our machines which you apply for.

If you have already registered, please use the login form below. It will take you directly to the allocations request form. If you do not yet have a login, please request one now.

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